ELLIS|WEBB is one of the nation's leading and most respected providers of employment investigative services. Our consultants and investigators have years of experience in executive search, academia, the legal profession and as hiring authorities in the private and public sectors to provide you with the most accurate, complete, unbiased, and affordable reference checking, background screening, employment verification and any other employment investigative service.

If you are an individual

Have you ever been asked to provide references? Probably. Nearly all companies will AT THE VERY LEAST call your most recent employer, with or without telling you. A positive reference will help ensure you get the job, scholarship, admittance, certification, etc. A neutral (often perceived as negative) or negative reference will raise questions and may hinder your candidacy. We will conduct reference checking, background screening, and private investigation services to help you learn exacly what your references and former employers say about you. Learn more about our individual reference checking services.

If you represent a company

You are probably aware that it is an HR best practice to conduct a thorough reference check and background screening of potential employees and others who may act on behalf of or represent your organization. Hopefully, you already implement this practice. If you don't--or feel your company is lacking--you may be or may soon become the victim of a bad hire and all the headaches, not to mention financial losses. We can work with you to customize pre-hire reference checking and a background screening plan that meets your requirements and budget. Learn more about our employee screening and background checking services.

If you are an attorney

Do you have clients who are concerned that former employers or others may be providing bad, incorrect, or defamatory information about them? Do you have clients with employment, severance, or settlement agreements that require certain behaviors or actions by the other party? For those, or any other custom employment investigations, we can be your independent source to help in employment contract enforcement and employment-related litigation. Learn more about our employment investigative services for attorneys.

If you are a landlord or property manager

Are you looking for the most efficient and affordable way to ensure you only lease to responsible tenants? We can perform tenant credit checks, reference checks, and gather any other information you request. Once the information is gathered, our professional staff will prepare a report to your specifications so that you can quickly make a decision and avoid any bias complaints and lawsuits. Learn more about our tenant screening services.

If you are interested in partnering with us

If you work as a career coach, attorney, recruiter or any other profession that frequently puts you in contact with people who will benefit from our services, we can easily setup a partnership where you can refer customers to us or allow your customers to order right through your company. Since our overhead and expenses will be lower, we can provide standard and customized service to you and your customers at a discounted price. Learn more about how you can partner with us.

If you are looking for information

We are happy to share our years of employment investigative services expertise with you. If you are looking for help on your job search, want to maximize the value of your network and references, want to learn how other companies use our services, or just want to learn as much as you can before you give us a call, visit our employment resources center.